Primary Care of Older Adults for Registered Nurses (PCOA-RN) Series



17.0 Nursing Continuing Education Contact Hours



Target Audience

  • Registered Nurses


This series was developed to increase the age-sensitive health care knowledge and skills of primary care professionals. Each course promote team-based, coordinated, patient-centered, evidence-based care that is responsive to the particular needs of older adults. The series was created through funding provided by the US Health Resources and Services Administration’s Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP).


HIGN partnered with the Montefiore Health System and R.A.I.N., a community services organization in the Bronx, to create this series to improve the quality of healthcare for older adults by:

  • Changing clinical training environments into integrated geriatrics and primary care delivery systems.
  • Training providers who can assess and address the needs of older adults and their families or caregivers at the individual, community, and population levels.
  • Delivering community-based programs that will provide patients, families, and caregivers with the knowledge and skills to improve health outcomes and the quality of care for older adults.

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PCOA-RN 1: Annual Wellness Visit

PCOA-RN 2: Dementia- Collaborative Care Approach to Memory Disorders 

PCOA-RN 3: Advance Directives 

PCOA-RN 4: Palliative and Hospice Care 

PCOA-RN 5: Practical Guide to Health Care Financing 

PCOA-RN 6: Distinguishing Dementia, Delirium, and Depression 

PCOA-RN 7: Person and Family-Centered Care

PCOA-RN 8A: Health Promotion: Health Literacy

PCOA RN 8B: Health Promotion: Population Health 

PCOA-RN 9: Mistreatment Detection and Older Adults 

PCOA-RN 10: Substance Misuse in Older Adults 

PCOA-RN 11: Falls and Fall Prevention 

PCOA-RN 12: Medication Management in Older Adults 

PCOA-RN 13: Persistent Pain in Older Adults 

PCOA-RN 14: Skin Disorders in Older Adults 

PCOA-RN 15: Sensory Changes in Older Adults 

PCOA-RN 16: Atypical Presentation of Illness in Older Adults 

PCOA-RN 17: Pain, Opioids and Older Adults 


Primary Care of Older Adults for Registered Nurses (PCOA-RN)