PCOA-RN 16: Atypical Presentation of Illness in Older Adults



1.0 Nursing Continuing Professional Development Contact Hours

Target Audience

  • Interprofessionals
  • Registered Nurses


The course outlines normal age-related physical and mental health changes in older adults, as well as pathological changes not related to normal aging.


After viewing this course, learners will understand the etiology of atypical presentation in older adults and specific parameters of the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment. Learners will also able to evaluate older adults for delirium, depression, pneumonia, acute silent abdomen, and acute silent myocardial infarction.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify physiological changes of aging
  2. Describe atypical presentation of disease
  3. State the components of the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment
  4. Describe the assessment of older adults as related to the following specific health conditions: Delirium, Pneumonia, Acute silent abdomen, Acute silent MI and Depression