Current HIGN Affiliated Faculty Research

This listing demonstrates the breadth and scope of work our NYU Meyers faculty affiliated with HIGN are doing. The page is updated annually.

Last updated: March 15th, 2023

Tara Cortes

Behavioral Health in Assisted Living and PACE programs 

Ab Brody

A Multi-Site Cluster RCT of the Dementia Symptom Management at Home Program

The Hospice Advanced Dementia Symptom Management and Quality of Life Trial (HAS-QOL)

P20 Exploratory Center for Precision Health in Diverse Populations (Mentoring Program Director)

Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory - Leader of Pilot Studies Core

Kelseanne Breder

Medicinal Medicine: Nursing Pharmacology and Hip-hop Pedagogy

Chenjuan Ma

Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Home Health Care for Persons with Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias

Rutgers-NYU Center for Asian Health Promotion and Equity (CAHPE) pilot grant: Timely Initiation of Home Health Care Among Asian Americans with and without Dementia

Komal Patel Murali

Barriers to Hospice Care Transitions for Diverse Persons Living with Dementia

Tina Sadarangani

Bridging Communication Gaps between Primary Care Providers and Adult Day Service Centers to Reduce Emergency Department Use and Hospitalizations

Leveraging Mobile Health Technology to Reduce Avoidable Healthcare Utilization in Persons with Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias in Adult Day Centers (Supplement funding)

Allison Squires

Understanding Pandemic Response Experiences of Nurses & Midwives Globally

Jasmine Travers

Promoting Health Equity and Eliminating Health Disparities in Nursing Home Quality Measures

Identifying Unmet Needs Driving Disproportionate and Avoidable Nursing Home Placements among Black and Latino Persons Living with Dementia

INTEGRATE: Improving Dementia Care Through a Person-Centered Care Intervention for Certified Nursing Assistants

Janet Van Cleave

The Electronic Patient Visit Assessment (ePVA)©

Victoria Vaughan Dickson

P20 Exploratory Center for Precision Health in Diverse Populations

Research Education in Cardiovascular Conditions Program

Occupational Safety and Health Education and Research Centers 

Bei Wu

Care-Partner Assisted Intervention to Improve Oral Health for Individuals with Mild Dementia

Asian Resource Centers for Minority Aging Research (RCMAR)

Pathway from Co-Occurrence of Poor Oral Health and Diabetes to Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia (ADRD) and Mortality 

Rutgers- NYU Center for Asian Health Promotion and Equity

Measuring what matters for dementia population in long-term care globally


Postdoctoral and Research Scientists

Rebecca Lassell

A Green Prescription Program for Latinx Persons Living with Dementia - Clin-STAR Pilot Grant

A Green Prescription Program for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Living with Dementia 

Shih-Yin Lin

Developing and Piloting of a Family-Centered, mHealth Based Intervention to Promote Caregiving Mastery in Detection, Prevention, and Management of Delirium Superimposed on Dementia

Yaolin Pei

A culturally adapted decision aid intervention to support Chinese American dementia caregivers in feeding-related decisions