Volunteer Health Corps

Bronx Health Corps

The Bronx Health Corps, a volunteer health corps, was created by HIGN to address gaps in healthcare by working with community stakeholders, and older adults to build an infrastructure to educate and empower individuals to take care of their health in community-based settings. 

Download our Volunteer Health Corps guide, which provides a case study for organizations interested in developing a volunteer-driven program for older adults to manage and enhance their health through community engagement and education. Additionally, it gives an overview of how to plan, design, and implement a Volunteer Health Corps, and includes practical tips and strategies. Our Community Health Resources can be used by the Volunteer Health Corps to educate older adults.

The program was funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program (HRSA GWEP) and the New York Community Trust

Our community-based partners R.A.I.N. and JASA, recruited local volunteers to deliver trainings to older adults on a series of health workshops intended to increase knowledge and activate behavior changes. The materials on health promotion, disease prevention, and management of chronic diseases supplement the information received from primary care providers, building networks within the community that supports wellness, care coordination, patient and family-centered health care for older adults. 

The Bronx Health Corps trained 175 volunteers, educated over 2,000 unique older adults, with a total attendance of over 5,000.

The Volunteer Health Corps guide is available here.