January 2024: The Next Generation of Geriatric Nurses

February 2024: Caregiving Youth Call to Action

March 2024: Why Asking "What Matters" Matters

April 2024: A Moral Test

May 2024: Using Technology to Cautiously Connect

June 2024: Embracing Differences


January 2023: Does it Matter Where You Live?

February 2023: Leading for the Future

March 2023: Empowering Older Adults Through Education

April 2023: What is Health Equity?

May 2023: The Lived Experience of Aging

June 2023: Global Aging

July 2023: Sun in the Summer

August 2023: HIGN Update

September 2023: Primary Care

October 2023: Long-Term Care Workforce 

November 2023: Thanking Those That Care

December 2023: Happy Holidays

The Next Generation of Geriatric Nurses


January 2022: A Research Special Edition

February 2022: The Tipping Point for Long-Term Care

March 2022: Two Years Later - A Look at Staffing

April 2022: Our Latest Resources for Age-Sensitive Care

May 2022: Intergenerational Relationships

June 2022: Celebration of Equality

July 2022: An Environment for Healthy Aging

August 2022: Summer Days

September 2022: Unrecognized Condition in Aging

October 2022: Knowledge is an Imperative

November 2022: The Unheralded Workforce

December 2022: Happy Holidays


January 2021: COVID-19 Vaccinations

February 2021: Understanding the Different COVID Vaccines

March 2021: The Impact of COVID-19 on Direct Caregivers

April 2021: Building Communities to Ensure Equity

May 2021: Older Americans Month

June 2021: Aging in Place

July 2021: Healthy Longevity

August 2021: Incorporating Palliative and Dementia Care

September 2021: Long-Term Care Reform

October 2021: Celebrating 25 Years of HIGN

November 2021: COVID-19 Was The Tipping Point

December 2021: Happy Holidays


January 2020: Health Literacy, Behaviors and Outcomes

February 2020: American Heart Month

March 2020: National Nutrition Month

April 2020: Honoring the Heroes of COVID-19

May 2020: Celebrating Nursing and Aging During a Pandemic

June 2020: Introducing Our New Website!

July 2020: Community-Based Services During COVID-19

August 2020: Technology and Aging in the Time of COVID-19

September 2020: World Alzheimer's Month

October 2020: Mental Health During COVID 19

November 2020: National Hospice and Palliative Care Month

December 2020: Happy Holidays