Care of Older Adults in Long-Term Care: HHA/CNA Series



Interactive Modules

Target Audience

  • Direct Caregivers


This series was created to ensure that direct caregivers have the knowledge to care for older adults across the spectrum of long-term care. These courses promote team-based, coordinated, person-centered, evidence-based care for older adults in the long-term care setting.


The modules in this series can be completed individually or altogether.

Individuals who complete this series will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills to care for older adults in long term care who have multiple co-morbidities and very often a diagnosis of dementia. 
  2. Provide care that demonstrates respect and dignity to patients receiving care on the long-term care spectrum. 
  3. Recognize changes in physical or cognitive function and report appropriately to the healthcare team. 
  4. Provide quality, safe care that is person-centered . 

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Person and Family Centered Care

Serving a Diverse Population in Long-Term Care

Care Coordination for Older Adults

Falls and Fall Prevention

Health Literacy

Preventing, Recognizing and Treating Sepsis in Long-Term Care

Transitional Care for Older Adults

Urinary Tract Infections and the Older Adult

Care Coordination for Older Adults (Case Study)

Falls and Fall Prevention (Case Study)

Transitional Care for Older Adults (Case Study)