Primary Care of Older Adults for Primary Care Providers (PCOA-PCP) Series




Target Audience

  • Primary Care Practitioners- NPs


This series was developed to increase the age-sensitive healthcare knowledge and skills of primary care physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. These courses promote team-based, coordinated, patient-centered, and evidence-based care that is responsive to the particular needs of older adults.


Individuals who complete this series will be able to: 

  • Apply knowledge specific to older adults in primary care practice.
  • Utilize the 4Ms when assessing older patients in the primary care practice. 
  • Describe how the primary care of older adults differs from that of younger adults. 
  • Utilize a person and family centered approach in planning and managing the care of older adults. 


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PCOA-PCP 1: Annual Wellness Visit

PCOA-PCP 2: Screening and Disease Management for Older Adults 

PCOA-PCP 3: Cancer Screening for Older Adults 

PCOA-PCP 4: Presentation of Illness in Older Adults 

PCOA-PCP 5: Dementia in Primary Care 

PCOA-PCP 6: Advance Directives 

PCOA-PCP 7: Palliative and Hospice Care

PCOA-PCP 8: Management of Multiple Chronic Conditions

PCOA-PCP 9: Chronic Pain in Older Adults 

PCOA-PCP 10: Medication Management in Older Adults 

PCOA PCP 10.1: Reducing Linda’s Medications: Case Study

PCOA-PCP 11: Practical Guide to Health Care Financing 

PCOA-PCP 12: Pain, Opioids, and Older Adults 

Primary Care of Older Adults for Primary Care Providers (PCOA-PCP)