COA-RA Age-Related Changes and Rural Older Adults



1.5 Nursing Continuing Professional Development Contact Hours


Interactive Module

Target Audience

  • Registered Nurses


The Age-Related Changes and Rural Older Adults course looks at normal and pathological age-related changes and the impacts of rural life on health prevention and care.


This course introduces learners to challenges related to age-related changes faced by rural older adults and their health care professionals. By completing this course, learners will be able to describe how normal physiological and pathological changes impact older adults, discuss primary and secondary disease prevention strategies for the rural older adult, describe interventions to promote safe medication practices with the rural older adult, and identify laboratory values of normal age-related changes. 


About this Series:

The Care of Older Adults in Rural Areas (COA-RA) Series was created through a partnership between HIGN and the University of Memphis. The courses in this series were created through funding provided by the US Health Resources and Services Administration. These courses are designed to help the learner recognize factors that impact the well-being of older adults through the lens of rural life by examining poor health outcomes and providing strategies to improve their health.