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The following listing includes courses and case studies developed by the Hartford Institute in collaboration with a panel of geriatric experts, the Oral Health Nursing Education and Practice Initiative (OHNEP) and the NICHE Program.  Please visit this page for updated content.

Case Study

APRN Case Study Series

Each case study is evolving in nature, problem-oriented, tutorial in style, provides answers and rationale, provides patient information, and is followed by questions related to data, assessment, diagnoses and plans of care.

Case Study

APRN Case Study: Anemia and Chronic Kidney Disease

This case study identifies risk factors for anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease, and allows learners to complete a comprehensive anemia work up and initiate and monitor a treatment plan for anemia of Chronic Kidney Disease.

Case Study

APRN Case Study: COPD and Weight Loss

In completion of this case study, learners will be able to recognize the inability to maintain weight as a multi-faceted problem in older adults, assess and diagnose age-specific changes in nutrition and hydration status in an older adult, and devise an individualized management plan for an older person with weight loss issues. This case study will also show learners how to make the appropriate referrals and follow-ups to inter-professional providers in both the health and social service fields.

Case Study

APRN Case Study: Dizziness and Falls

This case study will list the major causes of falls among the elderly. In completion of this case study, learners will be able to take a focused history from an elderly person or witness when a fall has taken place, perform a focused physical examination to help determine the cause of the fall, evaluate the complaint of “dizziness”, and perform basic strategies to prevent falls among the elderly.

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