BHPC: Social Determinants of Health Case Study: Adolescent



Interactive Module

Target Audience

  • Interprofessionals
  • Registered Nurses


This Behavioral Health in Primary Care (BHPC) case study aids in identifying social determinants of health that impact an adolescent patient presenting in primary care and develop a care plan.


About the Series

NURSING IMPROVING MENTAL HEALTH IN THE COMMUNITY is an NYU Meyers Initiative to maximize the potential of the nursing workforce as a vital part of the primary care team to address behavioral health concerns, including substance use and mental health, and mitigate social determinants that serve as barriers to good health.

This project is supported by the New York Community Trust. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain how social determinants of health impact patient outcomes.
  2. Identify ways to incorporate social determinants of health in your patient assessments.
  3. Develop a care plan that addresses the social determinants of health.
  4. Use resilience building in the development of care plans.


Kristin Arden, MS, PMHNP-BC

Lead Clinician, Mindbloom

Psych NP, Revcore Recovery Centers

Guest Lecturer, NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing 


Subrina Seenarain, RN-BC

Psych Nurse

Montefiore Medical Center