From talk to action: Moving forward with nursing home quality improvement

Moving Forward Nursing


Prof. Jasmine Travers co-authored an article in McKnight's Long-Term Care News with Isaac Longobardi, Director of the Moving Forward Nursing Home Quality Coalition, and Alice Bonner, Chair of the Moving Forward Nursing Home Quality Coalition and Senior Advisor for Aging at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. This May, the Senate Special Committee on Aging released a report, Uninspected and Neglected, on the state of nursing homes in America.

In response, the Moving Forward Nursing Home Quality Coalition developed nine action plans: 

  • Addressing Residents Goals' Preferences and Priorities
  • Strengthening Resident Councils
  • Improving Certified Nursing Assistant Wages and Support
  • Expanding Certified Nursing Assistant Career Pathways
  • Enhancing Surveyor Training on Person-Centered Care
  • Designing a Targeted Nursing Home Recertification Process
  • Increasing Transparency & Accountability of Ownership Data
  • Developing a Nursing Home Health Information Technology Readiness Guide
  • Financing Household Models and Physical Plant Improvements


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