Geriatric Nursing Education Consortium (GNEC) Webinar Series and Faculty Resources


Course Format

Powerpoints, Recorded Webinars

Course Target Audience

  • Primary Care Practitioners- NPs
  • Registered Nurses

Course Description

AACN, in collaboration with the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing, New York University College of Nursing, hosted a webinar series to introduce faculty to the GNEC project and showcase available geriatric resources, innovative teaching strategies, and methods for infusing the content into the didactic and clinical curriculum components.


GNEC is a national initiative of AACN with generous funding from the John A. Hartford Foundation to enhance geriatric content in senior-level undergraduate nursing courses. To successfully incorporate content into the curriculum, faculty must be informed and have accessible evidence-based geriatric care information, access to curricular change resources, and support from professional colleagues.


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