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The Staffing Crisis in Long-Term Care

Executive Director of the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing, Dr. Tara Cortes, hosts a panel of experts to discuss the crisis in recruitment, retention, and adequate staffing in long-term care.


The Case for Pace Expansion

Dr. Tara Cortes and HIGN present The Case for PACE Expansion. This webinar discusses the importance of PACE Programs and why these programs should be expanded.

The APRN Resource Center - The Case Studies

The resource center contains online learning modules and case studies, and are available for students and faculty.

Each Case Study:

  • is evolving in nature
  • is problem-oriented
  • is tutorial in style
  • provides answers and rationale
  • provides patient information, followed by questions related to data, assessment, diagnoses and plans of care

Case Studies Available:

Anemia and Chronic Kidney Disease


Spirituality, Spiritual Well-Being and Aging

This webinar will cover concepts of spirituality and religion, and the meaning of spirituality in older adults.

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