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Addressing Health Disparities to Support Aging in Place

Dr. Anderson Torres, President and CEO of RAIN TOTAL CARE, Inc., hosts Dr. Tara Cortes, Executive Director of HIGN, Dr. Tina Sadarangani, Professor at NYU Rory Meyers, and Dr. Sarah Szanton, Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, to discuss how to address health disparities to support aging in place.

Case Study

APRN Case Study Series

Each case study is evolving in nature, problem-oriented, tutorial in style, provides answers and rationale, provides patient information, and is followed by questions related to data, assessment, diagnoses and plans of care.

Case Study

APRN Case Study: Anemia and Chronic Kidney Disease

This case study identifies risk factors for anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease, and allows learners to complete a comprehensive anemia work up and initiate and monitor a treatment plan for anemia of Chronic Kidney Disease.

Case Study

APRN Case Study: COPD and Weight Loss

In completion of this case study, learners will be able to recognize the inability to maintain weight as a multi-faceted problem in older adults, assess and diagnose age-specific changes in nutrition and hydration status in an older adult, and devise an individualized management plan for an older person with weight loss issues. This case study will also show learners how to make the appropriate referrals and follow-ups to inter-professional providers in both the health and social service fields.

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