The following listing includes live and recorded webinars developed by HIGN and partners. 


Chronic Disease Management

This webinar covers common diseases in older adults, multiple chronic conditions, and interventions to manage multiple diseases in frail older adults.


CNYGEC: Aging Sensitivity and Communicating with Older Adults

This 2014 webinar defines the four barriers to good communication with older adults: physical, cognitive, psychological, and socio-cultural. After completing this course, practitioners will know techniques to break these barriers and create effective communication with older adults.


CNYGEC: Compliance vs. Adherence, Consequences for Older Adults

This 2012 webinar discusses the components of care plans for older adults, differences between compliance and adherence, and the AIDES adherence model as it applies to older adults.


CNYGEC: Cultural Competence and Chronic Disease Management of Older Adults

This 2014 webinar discusses the barriers to cultural competence in chronic disease management, as well as the solutions that can be implemented from the individual level to organization level. Practitioners will understand the difference between cultural competence and cultural humility to deliver care that is culturally sensitive.

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