Leadership Series: Creating a Culture of Respect and High Performance



1.0 Nursing Continuing Professional Development Contact Hours


Recorded Webinar

Target Audience

  • Administrators
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
  • Faculty
  • Interprofessionals
  • Physicians
  • Registered Nurses


Incivility in the workplace spans a broad spectrum from low intensity deviant behavior to outright bullying and harassment. In this session, we explore reasons why this problem may occur, what ill effects are created when the workplace is not safe and healthy, and the effects of deviant behavior on patient care, staff morale and organizational resources. We discuss why a zero tolerance policy is the desired strategy for managing incivil behavior, how leaders can learn to address incivility and what supports are helpful to them in doing so.


This series serves both individuals and organizations. 

Individuals will hone their leadership skills by understanding how to: differentiate between being a manager and being a leader, link their personal values to their leadership role, lead through uncertain times, and build resilience for themselves and their staff. 

On an organizational level, the series will help enhance recruitment and retention which ultimately provides a higher quality of care. It is of utmost importance to hire and keep qualified staff that are empowered to be accountable and responsible, engaged in their work, and made to feel like important members of the community. 

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