About Us

Who we are

Since its start in 1996, the singular mission of the HIGN has been to shape the quality of health care of older adults. The commitment to this mission exhibited by the dedicated HIGN leadership, staff and affiliate organizations has made the HIGN today a globally recognized geriatric presence. The HIGN is the geriatric arm of the NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing, and has become, over the years, a beacon for all those who wish to advance geriatric care through nursing leadership and interprofessional team care.


To ensure older adults achieve optimal health and quality of life.


Older adults will experience a quality of life that reflects wellness and optimal function, characterized by engagement in their healthcare and health-related behaviors. Anyone involved in older adult care understands the unique needs of that population and has access to the resources they need to decrease the incidence and mitigate the impact of chronic disease and social determinants of health.