Health Care Reform Tip Sheets

The Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing (HIGN) offers a series of Tip Sheets to help keep the nursing community abreast of the issues relevant to health care reform. These sheets focus on the reform changes that affect geriatric nursing. These changes provide exciting opportunities for nurses to work with other members of the health care team in new ways, to provide important educational opportunities to improve the care we provide to older adults and do so in a fiscally responsible manner.

Geriatric Nursing Tip Sheet on Health Care Reform - Focuses on the changes that will have a direct impact on geriatric nursing, particularly with regard to workforce, education, and practice.

Health Care Reform: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Tip Sheet for Geriatric Nursing on Long Term Care – The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act enhances, enlarges and supports long-term care for all Americans. This Tip Sheet addresses aspects of the law of importance to geriatric nursing.

Impact of Health Care Reform (The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act) on Home Health Care Agencies and Nurses – Discusses home health agency nursing and the opportunity to articulate the characteristics and needs of their patients and how to participate in demonstrations to assure their access to care.