Nursing Home Series: Strategies to Help Nursing Homes Position Themselves as Clinical Placement


Course CE Credits

0.5 Nursing Continuing Education Contact Hour

Course Target Audience

  • Faculty

Course Description

This course aids faculty in conducting a self-assessment to determine clinical site readiness and negotiating with nursing programs for nursing homes to be a clinical site.


These modules are directed to nursing faculty in schools of nursing, other academic programs preparing health care professionals, and supervisory staff in nursing homes.

After completing this module, you will be able to negotiate with nursing programs for your nursing home to be a clinical site, specifically to describe:

  1. Benefits for your nursing home to serve as a clinical placement site.
  2. The learning goals that students can accomplish in a clinical placement in your nursing home.
  3. How your nursing home can help faculty meet student learning goals.
  4. Why schools  should preferentially select  your nursing home because of  its involvement in culture change.
  5. Aspects of your nursing home that  you see as important to a nursing school.

Prepare your nursing home to be a clinical practice site.

Use a checklist to conduct a self-assessment to determine your readiness to be a clinical site.